Thursday, December 19, 2013

Finals (0_0)

!!!Semester Tests Are Over!!!
    If you haven't reached your upper level grades in school you will not fully appreciate the moment when you finish your last tests or exams of the semester.  I have internally let out the biggest sigh ever and now can just relax and enjoy the holiday break that follows.  For those of you that haven't yet finished testing all I can say is don't stay up to late, study, and get to school early.  Then you can ask teachers some questions you may have before the test:)  If you get over stressed about test in general just take a step back and do something to take your mind off of it for a bit.  To help I have put together some interesting tumblr photos to make you laugh-out-loud.


    I hope this made you laugh and good luck on all your finals this semester/term.
    p.s. I found all these pictures on tumblr and cannot claim them as mine but for the people who first posted this stuff, thanks:)

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