Monday, December 2, 2013

Feel Good Treatment

   At the end of Thanksgiving Break I was lucky enough to catch myself a lovely little cold.  Nothing to fancy just a stuffy nose, sore throat, a cough, and head congestion.  Add to that going back to school today, two nose bleeds, and not enough sleep I was just worn out after coming back home from soccer to do homework.  Finishing that and some mocha hot fudge coffee I decided I needed to do something to make me feel better, that being, a bath.  It might not cure me but it will make me feel better.  Mine was simple, not to fancy, just a hot bath, relaxing music (Pandora: Il Volo station), and a nice hot drink really did wonders.  So if your sick or just need to wine down down the solution of just relaxing in a bath works some magic; and if you really want to do it add bath bombs, oils, or candles to your little shin-dig.  If like me your sick than I hope you feel better and if your just stressed than BREATHE.

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