Friday, December 6, 2013

Boy Bands

    WAIT!  Now don't quit reading on me because of the title.  A lot of people will say they don't like boy bands but if not some there is one song you like from a group and how can you say no to faces like this...

One Direction

One Direction is the first band I ever got into and became a fan over.  Not only does their music put a smile on my face but their antics do too.

Have you ever heard that music has its own "language" or can move people?  Well, for me, it's true.  I do not need to understand the language being spoken in music to like.  Music has feeling and if it makes feel good listening to it then it is okay in my books.  This brings me into the next bands that I like.

Super Junior


Super Junior and EXO are both KPOP groups with a staggering number of members in each.  13 for SJ and 12 for EXO.  Due to the large number of members there has to be something that all fans will like from each.

Il Volo

With the end of this blog I challenge you to listen to music from each band and if you don't love them well I guess I can't do anything about it:)  Also if you have any questions regarding any matter,serious/not serious or personal/not personal, feel free to ask.  I don't mind because I do like helping people ans thank you for reading the entire post:)

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