Sunday, January 12, 2014

Let's Get Inspirational

    Today I have set myself things to do and accomplished all of them.  I feel like I could take over my town and when I fell like that I read inspirational things.  Once I read inspirational things I feel like a could take over the a good way though:)  So to lift your spirits and get you feeling like you can take on the world I found some inspirational quotes on Pinterest.  Get ready to feel inspired.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Out of My Journal

    In my English class my teacher has us write daily journals.  They can be from a prompt he has given the class or a free write.  Some of mine come out pretty amusing so I thought I would start sharing these entrees with you as a learning/entertaining purpose.  They won't be in chronological order but I will put the date on it so you can see when I wrote it.

    One thing that really irks me is when people think it's "okay" to smack.  Not upside the head, but smacking gum or food in a more general term.  First there is that annoying noise it makes, second nobody wants to see that (not even you), and lastly you look like a cow or camel and neither are appeal to the opposite sex.  Just saying.  KEEP IT CLOSED!!!

    Sorry if it's a little rant-y but it is a pet peeve of mine.  If you have something that just really irks you to please share what it is by commenting and have a great weekend:)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Apple Dumplin

    During Christmas my little old grandmother of mine made apple dumplins for the first time.  I was not too happy about it since baked fruit things are not to my taste but I gave it a tiny try.  That tiny try made my taste buds shock and my spoon go in for a bigger bite.  It tasted so different than apple pie and yet the same but in a better way.  While on pinterest today I saw I step by step photo tutorial on how they were made and I wanted to share it with you since it has moved to one of my favorite desserts.  This is the website if you want to try making it:

If you make these hope you love them as much as I do, please tell me what you think:)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fashion Websites

    These last couple of days that I have been on the internet I have found one new clothing website and rediscovered two.  They all have really cute stuff and good prices for what they offer, yet I still don't get why t-shirts can exceed more than $20.  Okay, I'll get to it, from most priceyest  to really good deals here are the stores: Need Supply Co., Brandy & Melville, and YESSTYLE.

    Please tell me how you like these if you check them out and sorry this post should have went up yesterday but I got my days mixed bad.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sisterly Duties

    Sometimes I stop and think I'm not a really good big sister.  I have an older sister but we are only a year apart making a very close.  With my younger sister though there are a couple of years between us.  I feel we don't have a lot in common and the things she wants to do I don't and vise versa.  Of course she also inherited the trait all little siblings have to know exactly what buttons to push to make you tick...does any one else have this problem???  But I do try sometimes and this past few days I should have racked up so "Big-Sister" Brownie Points by painting her nails, helping her fix her hair, or doing stuff for her.  Today, for example, I helped my dad clean up a dirty make up table for her:)  Although I still don't think this is enough with me and my older sister leaving home soon but I will keep trying to be a good sister till I leave and after.

    If you are going through some of these same sibling issues or different issues tell me and maybe I can help you or you could help me by telling me something things I should do with my sister.  If you find using my blog to write to me difficult message me on tumblr: