Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's Been Ages

    Hello everybody!!! It has quite literally been a week since I have been able to properly relax and sit down to write to you guys.  I am in school and recently been overload with school work and getting ready for regionals, which was yesterday...we lost.  I am disappointed about it but there is still next year.  Anyway since I have been off line for so long I didn't get to update you guys on my newest YouTube video I made last weekend.  This one was my September favorites; just search September Beauty Favorites emily070797 to find it.  Honestly speaking I look unbelievably ratchet and tired...which I was... in this video.  I still haven't mastered not looking dead on camera but I'll keep at it.  To end the blog on a good not my school had its homecoming assembly last Friday.  It's become tradition that we have a Mr. Homecoming pageant and here are some pictures of the lucky lads.

These are my schools Cinderfellas

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