Saturday, October 26, 2013

An Outfit To Share #008

    Ellllllloooo:) As it has been starting to get a tad bit nippy outside with the changing of the seasons I have started to wear tights with my dresses.  There is one slight problem with this...I only have one pair of tights and I wore them yesterday which means I could not wear them today to church.  I have also come to realize I do not have any winter dresses that fit me any more and that will be on my mind whenever I go shopping next.  This outfit I put together would be something I would wear this winter but with the addition of tights underneath.

Coat: $198 Madewell, Shoes: $234 Urban Outfitters & $245 Whistles, Bag: $70 Zara, & Dress: $62 Storenvy (envymee)

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