Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I'm A GEEK/An Outfit To Share #004

    I am a geek, nerd, and bookworm.  There, I said it and I don't mind one bit and don't give one cent about being smart.  Being who you are should never bring you done.  Always have pride in yourself and whatever you excel in, whether it be school, sports, fashion, cooking, or crafts be proud of what makes  Sorry if this post took a serious note but today I was feeling my inner nerd come out and people where making me feel nerdish.  It doesn't bother me because even if I am a nerd I would be the one you could pick out of a crowd because of this...

Shirt: $14 Storenvy, Pants: $50 BooHoo, Shoes: $37 Forever21, and Bag: $34 Monki

If you ever have any questions of any sort feel free to leave a comment; I would love to try to answer them for you.  Whether it be life, love, or fashion (anything) don't be shy to ask.

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