Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekend Update

    As the title so plainly reads this blog is going to be about my weekend adventures and being an altogether to busy weekend.  My weekends generally start off with morning church on Saturdays but today this morning kind of stunk like poo and hurt like a period which is what Mother Nature gifted me with.  That and zero sleep made church just difficult but coming home, eating, watching some YouTube definitely improves the day.  Later today, this evening, I was planning to go watch "Finding Nemo" in the park with a whole gaggle of my friends but Mother Nature is still loving on me by having it rain cats n' dogs.  The evening's been remedied though with alternate plans to go get and hang at Chile's.  Moving on to my domingo...Sunday...plans it will be a nice lazy day of doing AP History and English homework, zen-doodling for art, and making another YouTube video which I will get done and uploaded tomorrow for a fact.  With this I conclude the summary of the adventures with Emily...aka me.

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