Saturday, September 14, 2013

Leggings, Tank-Tops, & Bottoms, Oh My!

    Hello Lovelys,
                           I hope you like clothes as much as I do because I, for you, am going to be posting sixteen clothing stores that have the most amazing clothes and some really good prices or deals.  Oh!  I also tried to make the title of this post sound like "lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" comment if it sounds like that and if you like my post.  While you're at it go ahead and tell me your favorite clothing store or another cool clothing store that I did not list on here.

1.    Nasty Gal
2.    ASOS     
3.    Forever21
4.    American Eagle
5.    Pacsun
6.    Topshop
7.    PinkIce
8.    LuLus
9.    Necessary Clothing
10.  Charlotte Russe
11.  Papaya Clothing
12.  Urban Outfitters
13.  Wet Seal
14.  H&M
15.  American Apparel
16.  Francesca's

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