Monday, November 18, 2013

Snow Ball Dress Ideas

   If you read my last post I mentioned my school holding a winter dance, Snow Ball, which its date has been set for early January.  With it coming up in at around 2 months I need to start toning up, putting some color on my skin, and most of all picking out what I will be wearing.  I have already found two pairs of shows that I love and three dresses that I feel the same about.

These are both from Forever21: #1 $37 and #2 $30

These are from Nasty Gal:: left $98, middle $110, & right $50

This is what I need to decide on and jewelry will come after.  If you want to leave a comment with what dress with shoes do you think I should wear to the dance.  If you have a different dress/shoes in mind link them in a comment also.  Remember, though, they should be reasonably priced...I'm not rich:)

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