Friday, November 15, 2013

Let's Just Chat

    I know I haven't blogged in about around a week or more but school is school...what can a girl do???  To amend my vacation from blogging I thought I could just fill you in on what's been going on or is going to happen in the lovely world of Emily.  This week has just been bonkers with tests/homework and it's all leading up to Friday.  It is not just any Friday it is Football Friday and today my school will be hosting the first play-off game...WhoopWhoop!!!
    Besides this week my school is busy with upcoming activities that the student council, which I'm a part of, must handle.  There are two school assemblies and a winter dance.

  1.         Play-Off Assembly: this will be next week depending on tonight's game outcome and I might be in a skit for it so fingers crossed.
  2.         Hanging of the Greens: this assembly is a Christmas Assembly student council puts on and we will be performing "Twas the Night Before Christmas" with a few twist here and there to not bore the audience.
  3.         Snow Ball: I love doing this dance.  Guys find creative ways to ask girls to be their date and it's just my faith in boys are restored.  For this your date (if you have one) picks you up and you take some pictures for the parents then head out to eat.  I like going in big date groups for dinner but after you go to the dance and just let loose.
This is pretty much a condensed version of what I will be up to and I will try not to slack on blogging to keep everyone in the loop.  Lastly, what are your plans this winter that you are looking forward to?

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