Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nail Ramble

    As with any color it changes with the seasons and that applies to nails as well.  I have been wanting to paint my nails black but without a base coat I was scared I would stain my nails.  Just the other day though my mom was going to the store and I ask her to pick me up a base coat and lucky me she did.  So I sit here today typing with black polish on my nails just loving it.  If you may have doubts and fears about going black because you my seem goth...don't be.  You will only look goth if you dress goth and even then it's not a bad thing; if you still have reservations about it you can always go with a dark purple or blue.  Down below is what I used to do my nails.

Lotion: this is something I just found in my mom's cabinet but if you have heard of the brand before tell me what you think.
Base Coat: Revlon Base Coat 005.
Polish: Pure Ice Black Rage.
Top Coat: Sally Hansen 100 Invisible this I usually don't use because it takes forever to dry.
Glitters: I haven't used the glitters but I thought they would make good accent nails.

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