Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sisterly Duties

    Sometimes I stop and think I'm not a really good big sister.  I have an older sister but we are only a year apart making a very close.  With my younger sister though there are a couple of years between us.  I feel we don't have a lot in common and the things she wants to do I don't and vise versa.  Of course she also inherited the trait all little siblings have to know exactly what buttons to push to make you tick...does any one else have this problem???  But I do try sometimes and this past few days I should have racked up so "Big-Sister" Brownie Points by painting her nails, helping her fix her hair, or doing stuff for her.  Today, for example, I helped my dad clean up a dirty make up table for her:)  Although I still don't think this is enough with me and my older sister leaving home soon but I will keep trying to be a good sister till I leave and after.

    If you are going through some of these same sibling issues or different issues tell me and maybe I can help you or you could help me by telling me something things I should do with my sister.  If you find using my blog to write to me difficult message me on tumblr:

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